Of course Yes. J&B with Eight years experience in Investing, Trading, Promoting of latest Crypto currencies with Bitcoin investments. J&B servicing and Giving opportunity to earn by Referral schemes and as well as growth of buying Cryptos.
J&B is one of the crypto currency exchange, J&B doing promotions for latest uptrend cryptos to the people by word of mouth marketing to make them earn the growth of the latest coins as well as them to get affiliate bonuses.
Since the Crypto currency in common to everyone in the world, anybody can participate. But if J&B found any Illegal , spam, misleading activities by any of J&B member then J&B have rights to terminate them from the program.
No. Can have only single account.
First of all J&B is not an Investment company. J&B is the Promoters of Latest Uptrend Crypto currencies whose price is in uptrend . In J&B Exchange you can buy and sell listed crypto currencies with BITCOIN.
BITCOIN has reached a certain growth already and of course it requires Big Investment to get Profit in Percentages. But Altcoins Like Monero,ripple,Tron,Eth started to grow. If you buy these coins u can get growth of even 100% to 500% also depends upon the volume traded. Altcoins can be trade by even small investers having 100$ also.Thats the reason Altcoins having possibility to give more profit.
J&B Exchange Limited accepts bitcoin for operation and pays in Bitcoin, Ripple,Ethereum as per user's choice.
No. You can buy Cryptos with BITCOIN only. As BitCoin has lot of sources to buy in all countries. J&B is accepting BITCOINS for purchase and You can exchange your Altcoins Eg.Monero,Ripple,Tron,Ethereum and the coins promoted by J&B.
Minimum of 100$ equivalent BITCOIN to Maximum of 10000$ equivalent BITCOIN value.
Likely to say NO. bcz the Price of BITCOIN may slight varies from time to time in fractions. But Everything is online now you can buy directly from BITCOIN exchanges anywhere in the world thru Online. But we can support you by providing some BITCOIN exchanges links but you can choose according to your country rules and regulations they may ask your KYC details;
You can withdraw your purchasing coins directly to your respecting coin address as per your marketing packages. Or You can exchange your Purchasing crypto (Altcoins) with BITCOIN in J&B itself. And you can send your BITCOINS to your BITCOIN address directly from J&B. so you no need to worry about paying exchange fees.
Minimum of 30 minutes, maximum of 2 days. Its depends upon the Bitcoin network confirmation duration.
As you are already with J&B , you can start to get your Promoter income by referring your friends for purchasing cryptos thru J&B marketing channel.
As you aware of FUTURE CURRENCY WILL be the CRYPTOS, So the Marketing You are going to deal with J&B will be the Permanent Earning Opportunity as your Self Business. Since J&B will add Best cryptos in the market in regular Interval time. By this You will getting growth In different cryptos, different growths even with the same Investor if they like. Because Only In ALTCOINS having the potential to get even 500% growth in a year time. For example we promoted Monero coin with our affiliate programs, Monero coin got 500 percentage growth within a year.
Yes . of course. While you getting any income from J&B, u can direct any percentage of this income to J&B packages for you future growth.
Yes. As per the marketing plan you can transfer your coin to your crypto wallet.
Yes, You can also create your own team by attracting new investors, because we have developed a special partnership program. The first level offers the possibility to receive a commission of 10% from direct referrals, their referrals will bring you a reward of 1% .
Yes, Minimum of 100$ purchase is required before withdrawing your referral income .
All you need is to register a personal account - to get your partnership link. Share this link with anyone, and after the registration this person becomes your referral.

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