We have important information from J&B management to share with you.This information is for MONERO Coin Package holders in J&B.

As we focused towards MONERO Coin growth, MONERO coin price got growth more than 400% from your purchased coin value.

Kindly note "we are adding one more coin package of o9coin with major upgrades to the exchange to better handle scaling, stability and security. Ripple packages will continue as same.“

For better management and security of customer funds we have decided to inform user to withdraw their monero coins to their monero wallet or exchange to bitcoin.

Preliminary plan

2017-09-30 This information goes public, user registration closes, addcoin page closes, disabling deposits of ETC and ETH.

2017-10-30 Deposits disabled for monero coin packages , all users get level 3 verified account level.

2017-11-10 Final deposit scan to take care of deposits made after 2017-09-30.

2017-11-30 Email reminder to all registered users.

2017-12-30 Only Login works, but cant buy monera packages.User can exchange to ripple,o9 coin packages.

2018-01-30 Email reminder to all registered users.

2018-03-15 User must start using ripple,o9 package references to initiate bonus withdraws.

Remaining user balances that has not been withdrawn before 2018-02-28 will be considered as a request to convert for ripple or o9 packages for the equal BITCOIN value. Thanks.

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